Spring has sprung


Its warming up and I hope you have received the latest edition of that amazing periodical, WaveLength! Hats off to Marion for putting this professional magazine together,second to none. Make sure you have your copy.

Thanks Marion.

Have you checked out the RYA "Roadmap" for the return to boating. If you haven't already seen it click on the following.  

Covid 19 Roadmap - Boating Return.pdf

These dates clearly have an impact on CSC event dates but as everything is still dynamic we will continue with the 2021 program and cancel when there is no alternative.

  In the mean time we still need Organisers!!!

So please figure out which event you are going to Organise!!! :-)

Upcoming events

Looking forward to the 2021 SAILING SEASON

A Photographic album of the return to the water of some of the club's boats

33 photo(s) Updated on: 19/07/2020
  • En Famille Ainsworth - Eagle in the Water!
  • Anti-Fouling Eagle- The Dream Team
  • Jaems working hard with the pressure washer
  • The creatures from the BLUE LAGOON!
  • The three Musketeers- living the life on Eagle
  • Spinnakers!!
  • Singapore Sling can smell the water here (Tallinn), but sadly not going in this year, but 2021 will be the best!
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