This page shows all Cruising events, including the Wednesday night briefing session. Events will be available for registration when an organiser is known.

Sailing Event applications - All Members individually must apply to go on sailing events. This is done online when logged in by using the Register button shown on the particular event page. There is a general cut-off date for applications of 7 days before sailing events (some may be longer). After that date you can contact the event organiser who may still be able to fit you in.

Applications are made as either as a Skipper or a Crew member. Skippers may include non-members as Guests on their applications. An email will be sent confirming the application to both the member and the event organiser.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

22/10/2022 Cruise to Poole
19/10/2022 Briefing for Cruise to Poole
08/10/2022 Yarmouth Passage Race#13 , Cruising Option
05/10/2022 Briefing for Yarmouth Race #13, Cruising Option
24/09/2022 Race #12, Cruise to East Cowes
21/09/2022 Briefing for Race#12, Cruise to East Cowes
10/09/2022 2 Handed Race #11, Port Hamble Cruise
07/09/2022 2 Handed Race #11, Port Hamble Cruise
26/08/2022 Cherbourg Cruise
24/08/2022 Cherbourg Cruise Briefing
23/07/2022 Folly Inn Races #9&10, Crusing Option
20/07/2022 Briefing for Folly Inn Races #9&10, Cruising Option
09/07/2022 Bastille Cruise , Cross Channel Race #8
06/07/2022 Briefing for Bastille Cruise, Cross Channel Race #8
11/06/2022 "Lets Cruise" -Formerly Southampton Cruise
08/06/2022 Briefing for "Lets Cruise"
29/04/2022 Bank Holiday Cruise- Destination Alderney
09/04/2022 Long Race #1
06/04/2022 Briefing for Long Race #1
26/03/2022 West Cowes Cruise- 2022 Season Opener
23/03/2022 West Cowes Cruise- Back on the Water Briefing
05/02/2022 CANCELLED _The not the Icicle Chinese New Year Cruise
09/10/2021 Folly Rally (formerly Southsea Marina)
06/10/2021 Briefing for Medina Folly formerly Southsea Marina Rally
04/09/2021 Ocean Village -Passage Races 11 & 12, Rally Weekend
28/08/2021 Cherbourg Rally -CANCELLED
21/08/2021 Port Hamble Rally- CANCELLED
07/08/2021 A summer rally to Lymington
04/08/2021 Briefing for "A summer rally to Lymington"
10/07/2021 Scarlet Pimpernel Cruise
07/07/2021 Briefing for Scarlet Pimpernel Cruise
26/06/2021 Passage Races (8&9)/Rally - Poole
29/05/2021 Let's go to Bembridge
26/05/2021 Briefing for "Let's go to Bembridge"
02/04/2021 Cruising to Chichester Marina
01/01/2021 Briefing for "Go east and Sail to Sparkes marina"
01/01/2021 Briefing for "My dreams are all follies" - What?
01/01/2021 "My dreams are all follies" - What?
01/01/2021 A little weekend trip across to West Cowes Yacht Haven
01/01/2021 Go east and Sail to Sparkes marina
15/08/2020 Heading for Osbourne Bay- Al Fresco lunch at Anchor
08/08/2020 Heading for Chichester- Al Fresco lunch at Anchor
28/05/2020 Weymouth Folk Festival
27/05/2020 Briefing for Weymouth Folk Festival
08/05/2020 Early May Bank Holiday Cruise
06/05/2020 Briefing for Early May Bank Holiday Cruise
10/04/2020 Easter Cruise
08/04/2020 Briefing for Easter Cruise
28/03/2020 Frostbite Rally
25/03/2020 Briefing for Frostbite Rally
26/02/2020 Catch the Tide
07/12/2019 Icicle Cruise
28/09/2019 Yarmouth Rally/ Race (#14&15)- Changed to Lymington
25/09/2019 Briefing for Yarmouth Race (#14&15)/Rally Changed to Lymington
24/05/2019 WhitSunday Cruise
22/05/2019 Briefing for Whitsunday Cruise
27/04/2019 Navigators Race(#3)/Rally
24/04/2019 Briefing for Navigators Race (#3)/Rally
30/03/2019 Frostbite Rally
06/03/2019 Catch the Tide
01/12/2018 Icicle Cruise and all that Jazzzz
28/11/2018 Briefing for Icicle Cruise
28/07/2018 Yarmouth Race/Rally (Races11&12)
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